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January 6, 2023 @ 6:00 am - July 29, 2023 @ 1:00 pm


SPOTTY BOWL is a Tournament Series to crown the Spotted Bay Bass Fishing Champion of The World


REGULAR SEASON (JANUARY – JULY) – 7 Tournament Series where top 8 anglers in MASTERS, PROS, and WEEKEND WARRIORS Division earn a spot to the playoffs in July for the championship. Top 4 in the SHORE Division will go to playoffs. Keep your best 6 out of 7 scores.

ON TOURNAMENT WEEKENDS – Each angler will choose ONE day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) to fish MORNING or AFTERNOON Time Slot. They must declare their Fishing Day and Time Slot in the Spotty Bowl Server the day before by 11:59PM.

SESSION TIMES – Anglers can fish from 6AM to 1PM OR 1PM to 8PM and must have all their submissions done by 1PM or 8PM respectively on their chosen day.

FISHING FOR – 5 Spotted Bay Bass for Total Length. (Longest individual fish breaks a tie). Catch, Photo, Release – All Spotted Bay Bass must be released. Other legal fish can be kept.

DIVISIONS – Choose the division you’d like to participate in. These are the average bag numbers to help you figure out what level to participate in.

MASTERS DIVISION – Average 5 fish score of 66″ and Above
PRO DIVISION – Average 50″ to 65.75″
WEEKEND WARRIOR DIVISION – Average 0″ to 49.75″
SHORE – All shore anglers will be in this division.


JAN     6, 7, 8          San Diego Bay
FEB     3, 4, 5          Mission Bay
MAR    3, 4, 5          San Diego Bay
APR     28, 29, 30    Mission Bay
MAY    19, 20, 21     San Diego Bay
JUN    23, 24, 25      Mission Bay
JUL      7, 8, 9          San Diego Bay

JUL    15                  Mission Bay
JUL    22                  San Diego Bay
JUL    29                  Mission Bay


Anywhere inside of San Diego Bay where you are legally allowed to fish. The boundary separating inside from outside is the line between Ballast Point Light B and San Diego Bay Submerged Jetty Light M.

Anywhere inside of Mission Bay where you are legally allowed to fish. The boundary separating inside from outside is the last line of 5 MPH Buoys marked on the map.


These rules are in place to keep the competition as fair as possible. Please read the rules in full and ask any questions before the tournament begins. Rules are subject to change after each weekend to address unforeseen events.

  1. Must have a valid Fishing License
  2. If you get a ticket while in the tournament you will be disqualified.
  3. Fishing for 5 Spotted Bay Bass per Tournament Day
  4. Fish Size Minimum is 8 Inches
  5. Submit your best five (5) fish by 1:00PM or 8:00PM via your text channel on the Spotty Bowl Server
  6. Artificial Baits Only – Bait scents are OK
  7. Maximum of One (1) LINE in the water at a time
  8. Rod must be in hand at time of bite. No unattended rods.
  9. No Long Lining
  10. No Trolling
  11. Only fish where you are legally allowed (No Trespassing)
  12. Payouts by Division – Top 6 in MASTERS , PRO and WEEKEND WARRIOR Division.
    • MASTERD: 1st 40%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 15%, 4th 12%, 5th 8%, 6th 5%
    • PRO: 1st 40%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 15%, 4th 12%, 5th 8%, 6th 5%
    • W.E. WARRIOR: 1st 40%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 15%, 4th 12%, 5th 8%, 6th 5%
    • SHORE: 1st 40%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, 4th 10%
  13. All anglers on the water must wear a U.S. Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device.
  14. If you make the playoffs but cant fish the events your spot will go to the next highest seed in your division.

CHECK IN Check In on the Spotty Bowl Server and declare what day and time slot you are fishing in your submission thread.


Ramona Automotive has generously donated $500 to fund the side pots. Details on this soon.
Side pot categories can be fished on your chosen tournament day from 6am to 8PM.
Your tournament sign up today will make you eligible to participate in side pots at no additional cost!


OPEN TO ALL VESSELS and SHORE FISHERMAN. All fishing in their divisions.
IMPORTANT: Motorized vessels cannot exceed 5 MPH while competing.


  • The fish must be measured on a Hawg Trough (affiliate link)
  • The fish must be facing to the LEFT with spines away from you
  • Mouth must be 100% closed against bump plate. All lures must be removed from the fish. Must be able to see the whole top 1/3 of the fish without obstructions from lips to tail – PENALTY 2 inch.
  • Tail must be flared or semi-flared. The tail must be wider then the base of the tail fin. If it’s narrower, it is considered a pinched tail – PENALTY 2 inch
  • No fingers in gills
  • Submit only 1 photo per fish and include the size you think it is. No photo dumping
  • Tournament Code written on your hand or on a Tournament ID Card

EACH CATCH SUBMISSION PHOTO MUST INCLUDE: The full fish (If you need to hold the fish on the trough don’t obstruct the whole fish with your hand), relevant parts of the Hawg Trough (from the bump plate to one measurement mark past the end of the fish tail.), the unique Tournament ID, and part of your kayak. Photos missing any of these will be DISQUALIFIED.



The entry fee varies based on division. $15 of each tournament fee will go towards Tournament Expenses. The rest will all be used to fund the corresponding prize money pools of each division. Money will not be moved between divisions.

Entry Fee Schedule:
Masters Division – $100.00
Pro Division – $80.00
Weekend Warrior Division – $60.00
Shore Division – $60.00




January 6, 2023 @ 6:00 am
July 29, 2023 @ 1:00 pm